What to Expect

Upon visiting our office, you will be greeted by our receptionist and asked to complete the new patient forms. You can download these forms on the right to fill out prior to your visit. These forms provide us with general information about your health history and present condition

Next will be a consultation with the doctor to discuss your health condition and concerns. The doctor will determine whether your condition will respond to chiropractic care and explain potential treatment options.

After your consultation, the doctor will perform a physical examination. Depending on your history of injury and/or present condition, x-rays may be taken for further evaluation.

Patients will generally be treated on their initial visit. Your treatment may involve spinal adjustments in conjunction with additional therapies. These therapies may include massage, ultrasound, electrical muscle stimulation, traction, hot and cold packs.

On your follow-up visit the doctor will present your X-ray findings, answer any questions, and give you recommendations for treatment. Following your treatment that day our staff will assist you with any insurance or financial questions.

A typical Office visit will take 30-60 minutes, dependent upon the services provided.

New Patient Forms

Click below to download and print out the new patient forms prior to your initial visit.